My mission in life through my stories and personal encounters, is to educate, entertain, expand and share my perspective of an evolving Earth and humanity. I am here to create a certain worldview based on my extensive life experiences, intellectual explorations and intuition.  Ultimately, I feel I am here as a teacher, inspiring others to discover and express their inner truth and to understand life from a higher perspective. 

​My mission is to create peace and understanding by helping people see a broader perspective and higher vision. Either in a group setting, one on one, from my blog, or through Crystal's books, my life's purpose is to help people find compassion for themselves, for others and the Earth, and to grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

​As a seeker, I have discovered and know where I've come from and why I've chosen to be here on Earth.  I understand what it is to be a 'divine' human.  Crystal's story is what I brought from 'home' to share with the world, to let the reader know they are not alone and that everything will be okay.  We are living in and witnessing the greatest compassionate shift in human history and there is not a grander time to be alive. Also, as a reader, I am an ardent fan of adventure and magical worlds, dragons, wizards, and witches, animals that talk and people that can fly. My mission as a writer is to blend these passions, to share my experiences, explorations, and discoveries in a story that will push boundaries and force the reader to look at and understand their life from a different perspective; merging reality with fiction, fantasy with science, spirituality with adventure, and past with present.   

​In today's fast-paced world, we are often bombarded with  images of war, poverty, ecological destruction, and political corruption.  Too often we feel as though our individual efforts to change the world will not be enough.   Every step we take in aligning with our own private mission to cultivate inner peace and heal the Earth helps humanity move forward into the next evolutionary phase. 

Blessings and light,